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Executive Team

Leonidas Howden


Leonidas joined Medea Capital Partners in 2013 and is a Partner in the firm covering both mining and oil and gas clients. Leonidas is responsible for origination and execution of investment and advisory mandates and has worked on a variety of projects covering precious and base metals as well as speciality metals such as Uranium. Leonidas primary area of expertise lies in equity valuation, debt structuring (including cash flow modelling) and mergers & acquisitions.

Prior to joining, Leonidas worked in the London office of WestLB AG, the German emerging markets lender from 2007-12 as part of the Commodity Finance team as an Associate Director. A core member of the origination team Leonidas structured and executed transactions including Syndicated Loan, Pre-Export Finance, Borrowing Base/Reserve-based Lending and Trade Financing solutions to a broad range of Oil and Gas and Metals clients across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Leonidas is a British national and holds a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Nottingham

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